Caerleon Remembered - The Mound
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In the private grounds on the opposite side of Mill Street from where Tan House stood is a large mound. There has been much speculation over the years as to what ruins lay beneath, some say a castle, others have different ideas.

My father was a member of the Archaeological Society, they held their meetings at Caerleon Training College. Many of the members were quite eminent archaeologists. Some were of the opinion that the mound was a Druids temple because they always built their temples in the eye of the morning sun (facing east). Dad was very interested in this theory, and was inclined to agree because we had first hand viewing. The mound, which was situated above the Tan House, faced due east, as did the back of Tan House. As the sun arose at dawn, and came peeping over the far end of Wentwood, and it rose higher, it filled the bedroom with a beautiful brilliant golden light, quite a pleasure to waken to. A beautiful sight. And so it shone directly on the mound, right in 'the eye of the morning sun.'

The mound has not ever been properly excavated, which would be a very costly job, so there is no proof of what lies beneath it.