Caerleon Remembered - The Tin Works
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The Tin Works was in full swing, a great many of the men from Caerleon were employed there. It was owned by Mr John Paton who lived in a mansion at Llanfair, between Usk and Abergavenny. Perhaps the workers at the tin works needed the pubs, to replace the sweat they lost during the day - for it was hard, hot, strenuous work. As one respectable worker was heard to remark one Sunday evening on leaving the Chapel after listening to the Reverand Dewi Bevan Jones on the evils of drinking and alcohol and what a curse it was: "What's the matter with the man?" he said for all to hear, "If he worked with us in the heat, with the sweat running out of the arse of his trousers he would be glad of a pint too."

Men working near the furnaces had to stand a great heat, they could be seen going to work with towels around their necks to help them cope with sweating so freely whilst working.