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Local Businesses and Services List Your Business On Caerleon Net Home

Add your business to the Caerleon Net website

It's easy to add your business to our directory. Just follow the link below and fill in a simple form. This will add your details to the business listing and give you a web page of your own.

You will be able to upload one image. This could be your logo or a photo. We suggest you prepare this before you start entering your data. It must be a jpeg (with the extension .jpg or .jpeg for example mylogo.jpg) and it must be less than 2MB. If this worries you fear not, you don't have to upload an image!

We are charging £25 a year for each listing. The advantages to you are:

  1. Your business will soon show up on the search engines. We are very well placed on the major search engines and you will benefit from our high ranking.
  2. If you already have a website you can add a link to it. This will improve your ranking with the search engines.
  3. No spam sent to you... We will not display your email address. But people will be able to send messages to your email address by filling in a form.
  4. You will have a web page of your own on CAERLEON NET with just the details of your business on it.
  5. You will only have to pay a small fee (£25). We hope you will see the benefits and after a year we will send you an email asking for a renewal fee. You will not need to contact us if you do not wish to renew your listing.

You can add as much or as little information as you want. You do not need to fill in any section of the form if it doesn't suit you. For example you do not need to provide your address if you do not wish to display it online.

After you have completed the form we will review it. Provided the details are appropriate and the image is your own and not subject to copyright issues we will send you a link to a web page where you can make the payment. Once we receive confirmation that the payment is made your details will 'go live'.

You can make changes to your listing any time you want. However, when you do, your listing will be removed until we have reviewed it again. So it is in your interest to get the listing as you want it before you make the payment.

We think this is pretty obvious.

You will first need to register. On subsequent visits you can log in.

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