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1901 Census Caerleon District 14 and the Industrial Schools

Caerleon, Page: 24  District: 14

Place First Name Last Name Relnshp Age Occupation
The Common Gladiss Reynolds Daughter 7
The Common Tom Reynolds Son 5
The Common Louisa Reynolds Daughter 3
The Common Elizabeth Matthews Head 65 Baby Farming
The Common Margaret J Matthews Daughter 36
The Common James Scrivens Lodger 21 Gardener Domestic
The Common Rosa Williams Girl Reared 16 Dress making
The Common Annie Williams Girl Reared 16 Dress making
The Common Elizabeth J Matthews Granddaughter 13
The Common David J Matthews Grandson 11
The Common William E Matthews Grandson 8
The Common Margaret Matthews Granddaughter 5
The Common Maud Wilkins Girl Reared 4
The Common Kimbra M Powell Head 40 School Mistress
Arthur Cottage Mary M Williams Head 85 Living on own means
Arthur Cottage Augusta M L Thatcher Daughter 59
Arthur Cottage Louisa M Williams Daughter 47 Organist and Professor of Music
Arthur Cottage Elizabeth C Williams Daughter 45 Governess
Arthur Cottage Louisa L Snelgrove Aunt 83
Arthur Cottage Elizabeth Smith Servant 21 General Servant Domestic
Stone Stile John Gill Head 42 Hay Cutter
Stone Stile Annie Gill Wife 36
Stone Stile John Gill Son 11
Stone Stile Douglas Gill Son 10
Stone Stile Norman Gill Son 8
Stone Stile Alma Gill Daughter 3
Stone Stile Archibald Gill Son 2
Stone Stile Gertrude Gill Daughter 1
Abbotsfield George P Reynolds Head 36 Draper (Managing Director) occasional Preacher
Abbotsfield Ethel E Reynolds Wife 28
Abbotsfield Marjorie Reynolds Daughter 4

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