Cosette Allsopp
Photo taken at Caerleon Endowed, Autumn 1953

Cosette Allsopp (nee Lloyd) was born in Ashwell, Caerleon Old Village, in 1943. In 1954, aged 11 years, she and her family moved to Gloucestershire where she lived until her marriage. In 1966 she and her husband and two children moved to Dorset where they still live. They now have four grown-up children and three small grandsons.

This story is dedicated to all Cosette's friends and family in Caerleon - especially Ashwell, both past and present. Without them there would have been no story to tell.

Part One: Caerleon, Spring 1954 - The Long Way Home
Part Two: December 2001 - The Visit

"If you haven't memories, you haven't had a life."

A Selection of Poems by Cosette's Mother, Esme Lloyd
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