Ed Harrison
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Ed Harrison
Ed Harrison is normally associated with
Arthurian figures but here he's ringing the
changes by paying tribute to trees in general,
trees from which he has gratefully derived his
basic material for many years. Trees have been
felled to make way for houses and roads since
Roman times, but as with Juan Carlos
Mercurio, they sometimes live on - thanks to
sculptors like Ed. This particular tree has buds
and acorn-like motifs carved into it, underlining
the message that "life goes on". The natural
texture is enhanced by ridges and grooves on
the surface, giving the tree a new character all
of its own.

Ed is based in Ceredigion. He has taken part in many symposia and has received many commissions for his work. He has been a frequent visitor to Caerleon. His sculptures adorn the Ffwrwm arts and crafts centre and he took part in last year's Caerleon sculpture symposium.
Click here to see Ed's work last year.
Text courtesy of Celf Caerleon Arts.