Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson
"Dexter-Sinister (Right-Left)"

An archway of elm, displaying strong contrasts
at both a physical and symbolic level. The
design makes use of pierced and relief
patterns, with straight lines on one side and
curved, abstract "Celtic" images on the other.
The essence of this piece revolves around the
question of truth - who is right and who is
wrong - which is left and which is right? It was
born of Dave's feelings about the current
situation in the Middle East, where everybody
claims to know the truth, but it all depends on
which angle you approach it from.

Dave is a professional woodsculptor who
enjoys working on large or small scale, using a
wide variety of timbers. A founder member of
the British Woodcarvers Association, he
regularly gives demonstrations at international
wood-working shows and his work is in public
and private collections.
Click here to see Dave's work in Caerleon last year.
Text courtesy of Celf Caerleon Arts

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