An abstract work in which you can see all sorts of images in the
twisting curves of the wood. Giles
has scorched some areas to
emphasise the curves and make
them stand out, adopting the
techniques of artists who draw in
charcoal and pencil. Giles believes
in organic subject matter and his
work is usually placed in a natural
setting-particularly against trees.
He tries to create a sense of movement upwards.
Born 1967, Giles is a fine art
graduate of the University of East
London. He has held residencies
in Cumbria and Kent, has carried
out numerous commissions and
his work is in private and public
spaces in the UK, Sweden and
Canada. Solo exhibitions have
included one at the Royal Society
of British Sculptors in London. He
creates sculptures from wood that
enhance and elaborate on its
natural properties.
Text courtesy of Celf Caerleon Arts
Giles Kent
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