"The Seed"

The fusion of Roman and Celtic
culture is portrayed by Juan
Carlos as a seed from which a
new plant is emerging. The
cross fertilisation between the
two ways of life is seen as
positive and something which
has endured. The tree from
which the sculpture has been
made is strictly speaking
"dead", but Juan Carlos has
resurrected it by carving it in this

Juan Carlos Mercurio
Juan Carlos, based in Buenos Aires, has
taken part in more than 20 sculpture
symposia around the world and has won
major prizes at a number of them. He has
also exhibited in Korea, Peru and
Argentina. This year he is taking part in
symposia in Holland and Denmark as well
as Caerleon. He works in wood and stone.
Click here to visit his website.
Text courtesy of Celf Caerleon Arts
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