Caerleon Arts Festival 2005
Luca Zuppelli at the 2005 Caerleon Sculpture Symposium

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Luca Zuppeli

Luca has been exploring the use of positive and negative forms for ten years. He explained "I work the empty space to create the positive image. This work is called 'UNTOUCHABLES'. You can get as close as you like but you can't touch the figures. It reminds me of museum pieces which are untouchable because of their value and rarity. This is the seventh piece I have created in this theme. I have also worked in granite, marble and limestone. It is important for this work to be viewed from the correct angle. I would like to see it sited somewhere high up so blue sky forms the figures."

And the models for this piece... "The male figure is me, the female my girlfriend" he said with a mischievous smile.