Caerleon Arts Festival 2005
Krishnendu Simlai at the 2005 Caerleon Sculpture Symposium
Krishnendu Simlai

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Love is Art
Art is Life
Life is Time and Eternity

This work represents Kali the Hindu goddess of time, eternity and power. Nothing can escape the all-consuming inevitability of the march of time... Krishnendu fleshes out his thoughts "In the depth of my mind I am seeking to make myself, and mankind, more powerful and closer to God. That's why my subjects are cosmology, astronomy and physics - the mother of all sciences. Art has been my favourite pastime since I was very young, even when just a few years of age I would paint, draw and make models. I have been trying to depict power in many ways and forms since the start of my artistic career. When I was seventeen or eighteen I visited Rajasthan, it is a gorgeous place to see with a very rich history. It has many forts situated on the tops of hills - here I found a connection with my inward contemplation of power."