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The ISCA Morrismen and Cardiff Ladies - May 1st 2010

The Isca Morrismen and Cardif Ladies in Caerleon Roman Amphitheatre May 1st 2010. The rising sun just catching the church tower Christchurch.

Come rain, hail or snow - you can be sure that on May 1st the Isca Morrismen will be in the arena of Caerleon's Roman amphitheatre to welcome the dawn. This was their 33rd year here - a tradition that dates back to 1977 . (Only one year missed - due to the Foot and Mouth outbreak - and then undaunted they performed just outside the monument.)

They were joined by Cardiff Ladies, and the lightness of foot and smiles on their faces was proof it was worth the early start (they kicked off at 5.30am).

This is the first event in their busy calendar for 2010 - visit their website for a full listing. ISCA MORRIS

We took a few videos:

Cadi Ha - Welsh Processional Dance

Speed the Plough - Welsh Border Dance

Upton Stick Dance

Bonny Green Garters - Traditional Farewell Dance


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The Isca Morrismen