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I'll See You In My Dreams
A collection of seven short poems
written by Esme Noreen Lloyd (Jenkins).

Esme was born in the parish of Christchurch in 1915
and moved to 'The Vines' Ashwell, Caerleon Village,
as a teenager. (See Both Sides of the River)
Esme sadly died in January 2004 aged 88yrs.


Now Winter days are gone at last
And Spring has come anew
My heart is beating out aloud
I'm in love with you.

Summer time and sunny days
Roses all in bloom
And in my heart there's still a song
I'm in love with you.

When Autumn comes
Through the trees, a whispering breeze
Is singing out your name
I'm in love with you.

My heart is beating out aloud
Songs of love refrain
Seasons have come and seasons gone
Since you went away
I'm in love with you.

The days grow long since you have gone
And nights are growing cold
Yet there's still a warmth within my heart
I'm still in love with you.

The years go by- you hear me sigh
For I am growing old.
Within my Heart within my Life
There's only space for you.

Esme Lloyd


O silver moon shining up in the sky
Casting your moonbeams down from on high.
Why do you travel the sky far and wide?
As softly and gently on you glide.
Do you go to see lands far away?
Lands that we cannot see by day
Lands where Dusky Children live
Oh to know what I would give.
See the Moonbeams 'neath the sky
Spellbound with thy beauty.

Esme Jenkins
Circa 1930


I wandered through a mossy dell,
Drawn hither by a Shepherd's bell.
Its sound, like tinkling music came,
Softly down a shady lane.

The lanes high banks with spring bedecked,
Pale primroses, hiding sweet minuet
The Shepherd ceased his tinkling bell,
And all around was quiet and still.

As I turned homewards, with a sigh-
To think that all these things must die.

Esme Jenkins
Circa 1930


Slowly I wend my way along the road
Beside the winding river.
Thoughts of the past, so long ago
When you and I were sweethearts.
Arms entwined, along this very road
Happy in love, no thoughts of the future
Oh that one could go back in time,
Like the turning the hands of a ticking clock.
Then the cry of a curlew from across the river.
My thoughts wing back.
Yet I know in my heart that the time will come
When my days on this earth will all be done.
And you will be waiting, my love for me
And our love will go on for Eternity.

Esme Lloyd


A Robin on a frozen bough
The Holly bush clothed in green.
The hills stood white against the sky
And snow-flakes gently drifted by.

Through the bare branches of the trees,
The daylight ebbed away.
The World was hushed,
The silence was, of soft serenity.

Then the hum of a 'plane
As it flew overhead
The noise of the world-it came.
It shattered my thoughts
Splintered my dreams
As I walked in that snow clad lane.

Esme Lloyd


Welcome Autumn once again!
Thou season of mist and golden grain.
Have you come once more to bless
The orchards with your mystic breath?
And paint the poppies with your brush
Lending them a crimson flush.
And russet-red the leaves on trees
Come swirling down on blustering breeze.
Misty shadows rise and fall
Then sun breaks through the wetted wall.
My heart stands still
For truth to tell
It's caught within your magic spell.

Esme Jenkins
Circa 1930


I kneel and say a little prayer,
Then sit and gaze around
High to the rafters, then to the ground
The Church, although but dimly lit,
Through stained glass windows sunlight flits.

Saints in their robes are looking down
Upon their faces I see peace profound.
I look again, and what I see,
I wish that I a Saint could be.

The Priest in robes of green and gold,
Gives thanks to God, for gifts untold.
The choir boys in their robes of white,
To me they are a Heavenly sight.

Such beauty and peace then enters my heart,
I really think I am a part
Of all those prayers and songs of praise,
Yet sit and feel I'm in a daze.
A Glimpse of Heaven - I am amazed.

Esme Lloyd

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