Caerleon Net
St. Cadoc's Church

1254 Andrew
1287 Nicholas de Leycester
1288 David de Caerleon
1398 William Richard
1398 James Fitz Hugh
(1481) John ap Jenkin
(1491) Walter
(1535, 1544) William ap Levan
(1560) Thomas Lanne or Langley
(1590) William Mathew
1595 Edward James, M.A.
1610 David Price
George Robinson
1660 Edward Wrinch, BA.
1662 Lewis Lloyd
1663 Morgan Thomas
Charles Hutchings
1700 Philip Hawkins, MA.
Thomas Lingen, M.A.
1716 Griffith Davies
1728 Lacon Lambe, MA.
1742 Dent Davies, M.A.
1768 Thomas Mills Hoare, MA.
1783 John Thomas, BA.
1829 Daniel Jones
1857 Howell Powell Edwards, M.A.
1885 Francis Bedwell, B.D.
1906 Frederick William Garforth Whitfield, M.A.
1933 Hugh Owen Williams, MA.
1949 Ivor Davies, B.A.
1964 Douglas Morgan-Jones, B.A.
1975 Frank G Jenkins, M.A.
1976 Philip R S Morgan, T.D. M.A.
1995 Arthur J Edwards, B.A. M.Phil.

Dates in brackets, do not necessarily indicate the year in which induction to the living took place.

Source: The Parish Church of St. Cadoc Caerleon published by The British Publishing Company Limited c. 1965. Updated 2005.