5.15 am. May 1st 2002

Bells jingling, the Isca Morrismen made their way into the Roman Arena; the sky just beginning to hint of the sunrise to come. Not a solemn occasion, this. The Isca Morrismen were here to see in May Day; this was the first event of their calendar - and they meant to do it in style. The cans of ale would see to that! One of the 'side' even took his own pewter tankard. The men refuelled between dances, and it seemed that in no time the sun had risen way above the horizon and the crimson sky became daylight blue. The boys made their way to the Ffwrwm for a celebration breakfast. May Day was underway, ordinary folks' alarm clocks would soon sound off  another day.
Lucky people, these Morrismen. Their clocks tick with the earth's clock. They are in tune with the passing of the seasons; and they laugh and dance.


The group (correctly termed 'Side') was formed in 1976 and first welcomed May Day in the arena in 1977, this will be their 25th year. Bad weather, frost, rain... won't thwart them. Only once have they not set foot in the arena on May Day since '77 - that was when the Foot and Mouth outbreak closed the monument - undaunted, they performed outside.

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