Caerleon Remembered
© Mary Isabel Davies, 2002
- Dedicated to Joanna, Isobelle and Remy -

When I was eleven years of age, Caerleon was a homely quiet town, where everyone knew each other. There were many shops and pubs,
but sadly many of the shops have disappeared...

Goldcroft Common - The May Fair & Horse Fair
The Tin Works
The Pump
The Tan House
Christmas Time
The Mound
Family Life At Blaentaf
How The Family Came To Move To Caerleon
Below, Mary (front left) with her mother Ceceilia Davies, brother Cecil (Seth) and sister Gladys. They are standing in the porch of Tan House Farm. The year is 1922.
Sadly, Mary died in October 2006.
Caerleon Net

Memories of Caerleon Past:

[ Brian Blythe ] [ Mary Isobel Davies ] [ Cosette Allsopp ] [ Lionel Turner ] [ Lyndon Watts ] [ Evacuee Mavis Robinson ]