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Huxtable Brothers Postcards:
Backhall Street, Caerleon (Looking towards Church Street)
Backhall Street, Caerleon (Looking towards Mill Street)
Broadwalk, Caerleon
Caerleon from Christchurch 1
Caerleon from Christchurch 2
Caerleon Mon (From Christchurch 3)
Caerleon Mon (From Christchurch 4)
Caerleon from St. Julians
Cross Street, Caerleon, Mon
The Village (Isca Road - view 1)
The Village (Isca Road - view 2)
The College, Caerleon
Goldcroft Common, Caerleon
Goldcroft Common, Caerleon - view 2

Goldcroft Common, Caerleon Mon (Drinking Water Pump)
High Street, Caerleon
High Street 2, Caerleon
Lodge Road, Caerleon
Multiview of Caerleon
Old Roman Arch and Priory
River Usk and Bridge, Caerleon
A Trip Up The River Usk By SS Albion 1909
Ship Hotel, Old Toll House & Cristchurch, Caerleon
St Cadoc's Church, Caerleon
Station Road, Caerleon
A List of Known Huxtable Bros Postcard Views of Newport and Caerleon

Other Postcards:
Caerleon From The Air
Amphitheatre between 1909 and 1926 excavations
Ashwell and Caerleon
Caerleon from Christchurch Hill 1927 postmark
Caerleon from Christchurch Hill
Christchuch from Caerleon
Caerleon Racecourse
The Bridge
River Usk and Bridge
The Bridge and Hanbury
The Hanbury Arms (P. Berry)
The River Usk at Caerleon
The Bridge - Motor Lorry Accident 1919
Chapel, Castle Street
St Cadoc's Church (1)
St Cadoc's Church (2)
St Cadoc's Church (Tuck CLN 10)
The Lych Gate
The Lych Gate 2 (G H Jones 1955 postmark)
St Cadoc's Church and High Street (Tuck CLN 8)
Roman Catholic Church
Caerleon 'Chapel' (Roman Catholic Church Frith 48662)
The Common (Earnest T Bush 4465)
The Common
Goldcroft Common (York Publishing 1792)
The Green (Berry, Stationer, Caerleon, Mon)
The Common 1950 (Frith)
Caerleon College
Monmouthshire Training College, Caerleon (Tuck CLN 9)
Museum (1)
Museum (2)
Museum (3)
Caerleon Schools (P. Berry, Stationer, Caerleon, Mon.)
Railway Station
Railway Station 2
Station Approach (Berry, Stationer, Caerleon, Mon)
The Square (1)
The Square (2)
The Square (3)
The Square (4)
The Square (5)
The Square (Stewart & Woolf)
The Square (Berry)
The Square (Busby)
The Square (Tuck) 1950s
The Square and War Memorial (Frith CLN 10)
The War Memorial, Caerleon Square, 1921
Priory Gateway (Berry, Stationer, Caerleon, Mon)
Meet of Llangibby Hounds at the Priory
Toll House and Ship Hotel (Tuck CLN 6)
The Ship Inn, Toll House And Christchurch Hill
Old Toll House (E A Green Postmaster)
View of Caerleon from Christchurch
View of Caerleon and Ultra Pontem
View Over the Bulmore Road, Isca Road, River Usk and Caerleon
The Usk At Caerleon - View From St Julians
St Cadoc's Hospital

St Cadoc's Hospital From The Air
Multiview Card - shows the warehouse by the Hanbury Arms
Gaslight - shop on the corner of Backhall Street

Secondary Modern School 1973
Caerleon Cricket Club 1910

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Francis Frith Photos of Caerleon
Aerial Photo Bridge, Amphitheatre Field and Racecourse 1920s

Aerial Photo of Caerleon 1920s

Aerial Photo of Lodge Prefabs
Aerial Photo of Ultra Pontem 1950s
Aerial Photo Roman Gates Excavation 1908/81
Aerial Photo Caerleon 1997
View of Caerleon from above the Bulmore Road, pre 1890
Aerial Photo of St Cadocs Hospital around 1930
Aerial Photo Caerleon Tin Plate Works

Workers at the Tin Plate Works circa 1930
Amphitheatre Excavation Team 1927
Amphitheatre and Barracks Excavations (photos taken by the Clay family)
Excavation of the Myrtle Cottage Site 1939
Aerial Photo Berrow's Field Excavations 1954 - View 1
Aerial Photo Berrow's Field Excavations 1954 - View 2
View of Caerleon from Christchurch
Bulmore Lido
Bulmore Lido June 1937
The Hanbury Arms, Hanbury Brewery and Uskside Cottages pre 1890

The Hanbury Arms 1920s
Caerleon Bridge & Hanbury
Caerleon Bridge Before Footbridge Was Added
Caerleon Bridge And Footbridge As It Never Was!
Hanbury Garage
Henry Curle's Garage On The Usk Road
Interior of Caerleon Museum around 1930
Caerleon Poor Law Schools 1900 (Later known as Cambria House)
Cambria House - Front
Cambria House - Rear
Cambria House - The Destruction Of
Mill Street 1951
Mill Street 1956, Caerleon Carnival
Chariot Races, Summers of 1987, '88, '89 & '90
Flooded Amphitheatre
Baptist Church, Castle Street
Baptist Church, Castle Street viewed from the lane behind
Roman Catholic Church
High Street Before The Roman Catholic Church Was Built
St Cadoc's Churchyard Extension
Francis Frith Photos of Caerleon
The White Hart Hotel (and Richardson Butcher's Shop)
The War Memorial in the Square
Cross Street - Then (1960) And Now
Cross Street - The Post Office 1911
Caerleon Railway Station
School Photo, 1896, Standard 4, Caerleon Boys
School Photo, 1922, Standard 1, Caerleon Girls
School Photo, Around 1927
School Photo, Caerleon Boys 1929
School Photo, Around 1930
School Photo, 1931, Standard 2
School Photo, Around 1933
School Photo, Around 1940
Evacuees from Thorpe Hall Primary School 1940
School Photo, 1943, Class 2, Caerleon Endowed
School Photo, 1956, Caerleon Endowed
School Photo, at the Houses of Parliament 1955
School Photo, at the Houses of Parliament 1956
School Photo, Caerleon Infants 1957 - photo 1
School Photo, Caerleon Infants 1957 - photo 2
School Photo, Caerleon Infants 1958
School Photo, No Date, 1
School Photo, No Date, 2
School Photo, No Date, 3

School Photos, Caerleon Boys Groups V and VI, No Date
The Cast of Toad Of Toad Hall, Caerleon Comprehensive School, 1966
Photos of Caerleon Residents in Usk Gaol in the 1870s
Cafe, Backhall Street, 1960s
Backhall Street
Magic Lantern, Maid Marion Stores, 2 Cross Street
Town Hall, Front - Then And Now
Town Hall, Side - Then And Now
The Meet, Goldcroft Common
The Croft, Goldcroft Common, 1907
The Castle Mound In The Mynde 1930
Isca Road (Ultra Pontem) 1900
Ultra Pontem - The Bell
Ultra Pontem - View From Behind the Bell
Ultra Pontem - Then And Now (Isca Road)
Lulworth House Preparatory School
Ashwell House And The Davies Family
The Village Swan
Mr Percy Williams And Pet Lamb
Holidays At Home (1950s & 1960s): Barrel Rolling
Holidays At Home (1950s & 1960s): Crowning of the Carnival Queen
Holidays At Home (1950s & 1960s): Carnival Floats
Holidays At Home (1950s & 1960s): Fun And Games
Carnival Floats, View of Myrtle Cottages Now Demolished
Caerleon Carnival Float, around 1955
Caerleon Carnival Float, Show Boat, 1950s
Carnival Band - Mid 1950s
Caerleon Carnival 1962
Caerleon Boys Cricket Team 1913
Caerleon Boys Football Team 1951
International Cross Country Championships Caerleon Racecourse 1951
Caerleon AFC, Winners Mon. Senior League, Division 1, 1959-60
Caerleon AFC, late 50s early 60s
Caerleon ATC 1961
Caerleon Secondary School Rugby Team 1961-62
Caerleon Secondary Modern School Football Team U15's 1968/69
Caerleon Endowed Football Team 1971
Caerleon Bowling Club 1970s
Caerleon Retired Persons at Pontins IOW 1973
Caerleon Village Sports Club Table Tennis Team
Caerleon Scouts
Happy Days - Birthday Party 1961
St Cadoc's Hospital Clock - Most unusual!
Ken Davies and his Horse and Cart
Children's Christmas Party Around 1951
Saint Cadoc's Hospital Christmas Party 1949/50
St Cadoc's Hospital Children's Party 1952 or 53
St Cadoc's Hospital Staff Dance 1952 or 53
Brades Christmas Party 1950
Concert for Brades Employees?
The Thirty Bob Boat
The Usk Mile and Half-Mile Swimming Races
Lodge Road
Cellar Of The Olde Bull Inn Circa 1930
The Riding School, Tram Lane
Caerleon Riding School 1938 - Splinters
Group Photo Caerleon College
Snow Scenes
Uskside... But Is It Caerleon?
Bus Crash, 1937
Pre 1900 Photo by C Eastment and Son
Building the Ryder Cup Bridge

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Caerleon Church 1684
The "Roman Tower" at Caerleon Published 15 August 1783 by S Hooper
Caerleon by Rev I Gardnor - 1793
The Town of Caerleon on the River Usk - Coxe 1801
Back View of Round Tower (adjacent to Hanbury) - Coxe 1801

Front View of Round Tower - Coxe 1801
Remains of the Castle Works Near the Usk - Coxe 1801
South Angle of the Roman Walls at Caerleon - Coxe 1801
Ruins Near the Bridge - Coxe 1801
Tower At Carleon 1802, Wooden Bridge Just Visible
Caerleon by H Gastineau
River Usk & Bridge - 1811
The Priory 1838 (and particulars of the sale of the Priory Estate)
The Alms House (and Hanbury Arms) by JS Prout 1838
The Old Watermill
Roman Remains inside the Mynde - 1849
Roman Remains & Mediaeval Towers inside the Mynde - 1849
Antiquarian Museum
Quay and Tramroad
Caerleon and the Castle Mound from the hill above Ultra Pontem,1860
River & Bridge - 1861
King Arthur's Round Table - 1861
The Mound - 1861
Hancock's Print of the Old Bridge and Hanbury Arms
Proposed Boys' Upper School Caerleon
The Caeryder Oak, or Coronation Oak, Llanhennock - 1838

The Caeryder Oak - Hand coloured print


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Maps and Plans:
Caerleon in 1752
Caerleon in 1800
The Old Market Hall in the Early 19th Century
Tithe Map of Caerleon 1840 and Apportionment
Tithe Map of Ultra Pontem 1840 and Apportionment

Plan of the Workhouse on Mill Street
The Industrial School - Ground Floor
The Industrial School - 1st & 2nd Floors
The Industrial School - Elevations
The Hanbury Arms, Almshouse, Old Slip and Warehouse 1877
Building Plots For sale, 1895
Street Plan 1928
Decorative Plan of Roman Caerleon 1938
1936 Ordnance Survey Map of Caerleon (460KB)
1936 Ordnance Survey Map of Caerleon (570KB)
Plans for a Newport Bypass 1933 (500KB)
Caerleon Bypass Plan (1959)
Old Maps of Monmouthshire
Maps Available from the Francis Frith Collection


Sketches & Paintings:
The Old Market Hall 1814 Drawing attributed to Thomas Tudor
Views of Caerleon by Samuel Loxton c. 1895

High Street Caerleon 1921 Sketch by M Florence Stow 1921
The Square Caerleon Original Etching, Artist Unknown
Ye Old Bull (etching)
Cross Street Watercolour by Mary Florence Stow
Backhall Street - Cross Street Watercolour by Chas Page 1929
Castle Street (etching) by E Saunders 1933
Broad Towers and the Priory Gates Oil Painting
Caerleon From Broadway Watercolour by Jack Evans
The Bell from Isca Road
Watercolour by Chas J Page
Old Christmas Card from the Mynde (Artwork by J H Dowd & E J Maybery)

Caerleon Castle Painting by Michael Rooker
King Arthur's Round Table Sketch by W H Greene, early 1890s
Lodge Wood Roman Camp and Civil War Cannon Sketch by W H Greene, early 1893
Ultra Pontem Sketch by Lucie Gibbons
Cambria House And Covered Walkway by Bill Davies
The Red Lion by R Barker
The White Lion by John J Phillips
The Copper Kettle, Cross Street and The Old Charity School by Valerie Falla
Images from Newport Museum and Art Gallery

Paintings of Caerleon by EJ Maybery
Edgar James Maybery - Gallery of Paintings and Information About the Artist
Joseph Edward Hennah - Gallery of Paintings and Information About the Artist
Wilfred Wilson Gallery
M S Lewis Gallery

David Day Gallery

Views of Caerleon by David Hughes

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Medal For Bravery At Caerleon 1915 (General Sir F Knox)
William Downing Evans - Leon - The Bard of Newport (born in Caerleon 1811) Photos and music!
Alabaster Figure Mystery
Evidence That the Mynde is Pre-Roman - Hando Argus Article 1934
Roman Britain First Day Covers 1993
Milkbottle - Pencraig Dairy, Caerleon Park
Goss Souvenir Ware Piece - Sun in Splendour Arms
The Seal of the Mayor of Caerleon
Glass Seal Dated 1784 Embedded in Wall of House in Cross Street
The Golledges Were Here - Etched Signatures on Endowed School Windows
Child's Sampler - E. Morgan Caerleon May 21 1860
Matchbox - Promotional item for the Copper Kettle
Priory Country Club Cigarette Packet, Sobranie of London
Commemorative Medal 1987 (Roman Legionary Museum)
Glass Medallions Depicting Roman Emperors (Priory Hotel)
Stained Glass Window - ISCA AD 110 (Priory Hotel)
King Arthur Ceramic Tiles in the Ffwrwm
A Caerleon Farthing 1668
Pub Token For The Red Lion Caerleon c.1860
Stone Bottle and Stone Jar, John Sherwood Brewery
Roman Inscribed (Centurial) Stone Found In Wall Of House
Commemorative Plates - Caerleon & District Fanciers Club
Caerleon Tinplate & Engineering Works Check or Tally
Library Book Label
Hoard of Siver Coins Found By Local Metal Detector Enthusiast
A Letter Hidden Away 150 Years Ago - Discovered in 2002
Letter of thanks from Queen Mother to Mrs Evelyn Miles for accommodating evacuees during World War II
Railway Station 'Totem'
Notice for an Auction at the Hanbury Arms 1823
Souvenir Programme, Cross Country Championship, Caerleon Racecourse 1951
Magic Lantern Slide - Caerleon Bridge and Town
Caerleon Will Fight The Newport Plan - South Wales Argus Cutting, 1950
Car MOT and Repair Receipt RA RICHARDS Yew Tree Garage, 1965

Tobacco Tin, R Owens, Caerleon
Articles from Gwent Local History

Old Video / Movie Clips

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