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Excavations in Berrow's Field, Caerleon, 1954
Now, first let's get our bearings… the light coloured field just to the right of centre at the top of the picture is the Amphitheatre field; the cars are parked where cars still park. Nowadays the excavated area is used for rugby, football and cricket. To some it is still known as Bearhouse Field though its 'proper name' is Berrow's Field.

To see the same field from the opposite direction, in a view which also includes the amphitheatre, and a plan of the site - follow this link.

The excavations were supervised by V. E. Nash-Williams, though he unfortunately never had chance to publish his findings as he died in 1956. Much of the excavation was in the form of a series of test pits. The area covered by these pits was found to be the Roman's Parade Ground. Underneath this the archaeologists found structures which may well have been the original camp of the builders of the fortress. The area to the bottom right of the picture, which has seen a more detailed excavation, is a complex of shops. These would have been for the civil settlement (the Canabae) here on the outside of the Fortress to the west of it. A local who took part in the excavations remembers that one of the shops was 'full of' oyster shells. The strip between the shops and the parade ground was a road.