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Images from Newport Museum and Art Gallery
The Old Wooden Bridge and Wharf 1785 by Thomas Cooke
The Water Mill 1785 by Thomas Cooke
Caerleon Castle 1787 by Michael Angelo Rooker
The Quay by the Hanbury Arms 1862 by Ellen Richardson
Evening on the Usk 1876 by James Flewitt Mullock
Proposed Workers' Cottages Pill Bach Farm Caerleon Asylum 1911
Caerleon Bridge (around 1920) Artist Unknown
The Hanbury Arms 1927 by E Fred Powell
The Bulmore Road (around 1930) by Fred Staddon
Cross Street and Ye Olde Bull Inn (around 1930) by Edgar James Maybery
Lulworth Road (around 1940) by Joseph Edward Hennah
Crooked Chimneys (around 1930) by MF Stow
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