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Aerial photo of Caerleon
Air Raid Shelters
Allsopp, Cosette memories of Caerleon in the early 1950s
Altar (Roman) also Reproduction Altar
Amphitheatre, Excavation of
Amphitheatre, Excavation of in 1909
Amphitheatre, Excavation of in 1926
Amphitheatre, Excavation, Amateur Photos
Amphitheatre, Amazing Aerial Film
Angerstein RR - Description of Caerleon Forge in 1754
Antique Maps of Monmouthshire
Archer (Roman Auxiliary)    Roman Arrows - Video Clip
Archive (Contains many pictures of Caerleon Past)
Army (Roman)
Arts Festivals - See Sculpture Symposia
Arthur (King Arthur)
Arthur Machen
Baptist Church
Baptisms - Records dating back to 1600s
Barracks, Roman
Barracks Excavation, Amateur Photos
Basque Children
Births - Records dating back to 1600s
Blannin, Nicholas
Blome, Richard - Britannia 1673
Blythe, Brian - Memories of Caerleon 1935 to 1950
Bomb Shelters WWII
Boumphrey, Geoffrey – 1950 (Description of Caerleon)
Britannia by Richard Blome 1673
Britannia by William Camden 1695
Burials - Parish Records
Businesses (past) – see Directories
Bye-Laws 1874 - Caerleon Local Board, Local Government Act, 1858
Caerleon Arts Organisation
Caerleon – Spelling and derivation of the place-name

Caerleon Castle
Caerleon Castle - Photos
Caerleon Curse
Caerleon Forge
Caerleon Industrial School, Article from Gwent Local History
Caerleon Industrial School Censuses: 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 Search all
Caerleon Industrial School: Detailed Plans
Caerleon Mills and Ponthir Tinplate Works
Caerleon Park
Caerleon Roman Baths Museum
Caerleon Heritage Trail
Cambria House
Cambria House Journal
Camden, William Britannia 1695 includes details about 'Kaer Lheion"
Capel Zion, Ponthir
Castle – Description by Leland in 16th Century
Castle – Description by Thomas Churchyard in 16th Century
Castle – Description, Pictures, Coxe and plan, 1800
Castle – Photos
Castle Street Baptist Chapel Records
Castle Villa
Catapaults, Roman
Cavalry (Roman auxiliary)
Cavalry Mask
Celf Caerleon Arts Organisation
Census - 1841 Free Search
Census - 1881 Free Search
Census - 1901 Free Search
Century (Roman)
Chain Mail (Roman)
Chariot Races
Charles Williams
Charles Williams - Legend or Truth?
Chartist Movement
Christchurch Records
Churchyard, Thomas – 1520 - 1604 (Description of Caerleon)
Citizenship (Roman)
City of Caerleon (Nennius)
City of the Legions – Caerleon (Geoffrey of Monmouth)
Clawdd Farm, Bulmore Road
Clifford Dyment
Cohort (Roman)
Common - Goldcroft Commonand the May Fair
Contact Us
Contubernium Tent
Cosette Allsopp (nee Lloyd) memories of Caerleon in the early 1950s
Cosette Lloyd memories of Caerleon in the early 1950s
Coxe, William - 1801 (Description of Caerleon)
Dagger – Pugio (Roman)
Daniel Jones see also Article in Gwent Local History Journal
David Day
Davies, Mary Isabel
Day, David
Deaths - Parish Records
Descriptions of Caerleon Through the Ages
Directory - 1791 (The Universal)
Occupiers of Properties in 1840 (Map and Tithe Apportionment)
Directory – 1844 (Pigot)
Directory – 1850 (Slater)
Directory – 1862 (Morris)
Directory – 1884 (Kelly)
Directory – 1901 (Kelly)
Directory - 1914 (Johns)
Directory – 1934 (Johns)
Donovan – 1805 (Description of Caerleon)
Dyment, Clifford
Edgar James Maybery, local artist
Edmund Morgan
Ermine Street Guard – see re-enactments
Evans - William Downing Evans
Excavation – Lodge Hill 2000
Excavation of Mynde, Castle
Excavation of Mynde, Roman
Excavation of Amphitheatre
Excavation of Amphitheatre and Barracks, Amateur Photos
Excavation of Priory Field 2007 & 2008

Fernandez, Maria
Forge - Caerleon Forge
Forge - photos of workers circa 1930
Fortress wall
Frost, John
Geoffrey of Monmouth
Gerald of Wales 1145/46(Description of Caerleon)
Giraldus Cambrenris – 1145/46 (Description of Caerleon)
Gladiators – re-enactments in 2000
Gladiators – re-enactments in 2003
Gladiators – re-enactments in 2006
Goldcroft Common and the May Fair
Gwent Local History Journal, articles relating to Caerleon
Hanbury Arms and Tennyson
Hennah J E, local artist
Herberts of St Julians
Heritage Trail
Historia Brittonum (Nennius)
Historia Regum Britaniae
History Index
History of Caerleon (Summary by D Maynard)
History of the Kings of Britain (Geoffrey of Monmouth)
Hockey, Primrose - articles in "Gwent Local History" Journal
Holy Grail
Home Page
Industrial School Caerleon - Newport Union, Stow Hill Workhouse
Industrial School Caerleon Censuses:  1861  1871  1881  1891  1901   Search all 1861 - 1901
Isca Morrismen
Javelin - Pilum (Roman Spear)
Jenkins, John
Job, Daniel - master at Caerleon School
John Frost
John Jenkins see also Article in Gwent Local History Journal
John Lee – notes on excavation of Caerleon Castle published 1850
John Lee – notes on excavation of Roman remains in the Mynde published 1850
Jones, Daniel see also Article in Gwent Local History Journal
Joseph Edward Hennah, local artist
Kennerley Eija - articles in "Gwent Local History" Journal
King Arthur
King Arthur – Britain at that time
King Arthur – Caerleon and the Legend
King Arthur – How the Legend Developed
King Arthur – the Legend
King Arthur – The Round Table
King Arthur's Round Table
King Uther
Lady Of The Lake
Le Morte Darthur
Lee, John – notes on excavation of Roman remains in the Mynde published 1850
Lee, John – notes on the excavation of Caerleon Castle published 1850
Legio Secunda Augusta
Legionary soldier 
Leland, John - 1540 (Description of Caerleon)
Lionel Turner - Memories of Bygone Caerleon
Lloyd, Cosette Memories of Caerleon in the early 1950s
Lodge Hill – Report on Archaeological Excavation 2000
Lodge Hill Fort
Lyndon Watts - Memories of a Caerleon Schoolboy
Lyne, Colonel Cecil Lyne, Ernest Lewis Lyne & Anne Evelyn Lyne
Machen, Arthur
Marriages - Parish Records
Manor and Mills
Maps (old) of Caerleon
Maps (old) of Monmouthshire
Map of Caerleon Showing Roman Sites, Museums and Car Parks
Maria Fernandez
Market Hall in Caerleon Square also Article from Gwent Local History
Mars (Roman God)
Mars Ocelus (Romano British God)
Mary Ann Willey
Mary Isabel Davies
Matthews, Samuel
May Fairs held on Goldcroft Common
Maybery E J, local artist
Mediaeval Caerleon
Memorial - Caerleon War Memorial and Roll of Honour
Merlin – His Part in the Legend of Arthur
Merlin – His Prophecies (Geoffrey of Monmouth)
Monmouthshire - Old Maps
Moore, Simon
Morden, Robert - Map of Monmouthshire
Morgan le Fay
Morgan, Edmund
Morgan, Thomas & Elizabeth - Oldest Married Couple - Guinness Book Of Records
Morris Dancers In Caerleon's Roman Arena
Morte Darthur
Movie Clips
Museum – Roman Baths
Museum – Roman Legion
Museum - 150th Birthday Celebrations
Museum – Roman Legion – Events and contact details
Mynde – Aerial Photo
Mynde - Photos
Mynde, The
National Roman Legion Museum
National Roman Legion Museum - Events
Nemesis – Roman God
Nicholas Blannin
Nostalgia - "The World We Have Lost"
Paintings (old) of Caerleon
Parish Records
Photos (old) of Caerleon
Pilum (Spear)
Plans (old) of Caerleon
Ponthir Works
Postcards (old) of Caerleon
Powell, Nathaniel - master at Caerleon school
Primus Pilus
Prints of Caerleon
Priory Field Dig 2007 & 2008
Priory Hotel, history of
Prothero, Thomas
Re-enactments - Video clips
Re-enactments in 2000 - The Empire Strikes Back / 150th Birthday Celebrations
Re-enactments in 2002
Re-enactments in 2003
Re-enactments in 2006
Residents (past) – see Directories
Reverend Daniel Jones see also Article in Gwent Local History Journal
River Trade and Shipping
Robert Woollett – notes on tunnelling into the Mound inside the Mynde
Roman Army
Roman Baths Museum
Roman finds in the Mynde 1840s
Roman Legion Museum
Roman Remains
Roman Soldiers – re-enactments in 2000
Roman Soldiers - Museum's 150th Birthday Celebrations
Roman Soldiers – re-enactments in 2002
Roman Soldiers – re-enactments in 2003
Roof Tiles (Roman)
Round Table (King Arthur)
Route March (Kit carried by soldier)
Route March (Roman)
Ryder Cup Information for Locals and Visitors
Ryder Cup Bridge
Saddle (Roman)
Saint Cadoc's Church
Saint Cadoc's Church - Baptism, Marrriage and Burial Records
Saint Julian's Church
Saint Julians House
Samuel Matthews
Sculpture Symposium 2003
Sculpture Symposium 2004
Sculpture Symposium 2005
Sculpture Symposium 2006
Sculpture Symposium 2007
Sculpture Symposium 2008
Sculpture Symposium 2009
Sculpture Symposium 2010
Search Caerleon Net
Second Legion Augusta
Shield (Roman)
Signum (Roman Standard)
Sikes, Wirt – 1881 (Description of Caerleon)
Simon Moore
Soldier (legionary)
Snow Scenes - Photos of Caerleon under snow
Spear – Pilum (Roman)
Standard bearers
Stow Hill Workhouse
Sword – Gladius (Roman)
Tanhouse Farm
Tanhouse Farm – Memories of Mary Isabel Davies
Tent (Roman)
The History of the Kings of Britain (Geoffrey of Monmouth)
Thomas Prothero
Tin Works
Tin Works - Photos of workers circa 1930
Tithe Map 1840 and Apportionment
Tombstone Roman
Turner, Lionel - Memories of Bygone Caerleon
Uther Pendragon
Vexillum (Roman Standard)
Video Clips
Wall, Roman
War Memorial and Roll of Honour
Warner, Rev Richard - 1798 (Description of Caerleon)
Wilfred Wilson  also  Wilfred Wilson's Lifetime Exhibition 2010
Willey, Mary Ann
William Camden
William Downing Evans
Williams, Charles
Williams, Charles - Legend or Truth?
Wilson, Wilfred
Woollett, Robert - notes on tunnelling into the Mound inside the Mynde
Workhouse - Caerleon Industrial School
Worthiness of Wales 1587