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1840 Tithe Map Of Caerleon

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The 1840 Tithe Map of the parish of Llangattock Juxta Caerleon has each building and plot of land numbered. By referring to the apportionment one can discover the following details:

The Landowner
The Occupier
Name and Description of Lands and Premises
State of Cultivation
Area (in Acres, Rods and Perches)
Amount of Rent-Charge Apportioned Upon the Land Payable to Vicar
Amount of Rent-Charge Apportioned Upon the Land Payable to Vicar
Any Other Remarks

The apportionment is arranged in alphabetical order of the Landowners' Surnames. Hence finding a particular plot number or occupier involves delving through the whole document. We have transcribed the hand written apportionment into a database making the content more easily accessible:

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