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We cannot accept responsibility for events we publicise on our site and we advise anyone planning a visit (eg to the museums) or attendance at an event listed on Caerleon Net to check dates, times and details with the organisers.


To add interest to the 'community pictures', such as old school photos or sports team photos, we have named individuals in many of the scenes. If you object to your name being here please contact us (using the form below) and we will remove it. Also, we will be pleased to correct any errors here - no matter how small. The same applies for listings in our local directories.

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For visitors' interest and to aid their research we have listed links to other websites both on our 'LINKS' page and on individual pages when appropriate. It is up to our visitors to decide whether or not to follow these links. These sites are not under our control and we are not responsible in any way for any of their contents. We strongly advise parents to monitor their children's use of such links.

If you can suggest any websites for inclusion in our LINKs page please contact us via the form below.

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Webmasters do not need to ask permission to link to Caerleon Net - however we do not permit the cutting and pasting of any of our web pages into other websites. Any of the images below can be used as a logo for linking to Caerleon Net - but for no other purpose. Please note that we do not necessarily make reciprocal links.

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All text and images on the Caerleon net website are subject to copyright - either being our own or third parties'. Anyone interested in using an image should contact us using the form below. Please clearly identify the picture.

Students wishing to use images for their coursework may do so without first obtaining our permission provided the work is not intended for publication. Please acknowledge the source as If the author's name is not included with a particular piece of text and a name is required then refer to our editor who goes under the nom de plume 'Merlin'.

While we do take care to check all images displayed on this website it is possible that the person who has given us permission to display an image is not actually the owner of the copyright. If you identify an image we have used for which you or your company holds the copyright (and we have not obtained permission from you) please contact us using the form below and we will investigate the matter and if necessary remove the picture.


We wish to acknowledge the residents and ex-residents who have written their memories of Caerleon past and lent us their treasured pictures to copy and display here. Thanks are also due to the local historians who have allowed us to publish the results of their research. Our editor and cameraman is 'Merlin' and site design and maintenance is in the capable hands of Mynde.


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