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The Second Legion Augusta - LEG II AVG

Standard of the Second Legion Augusta






The Legion was named after the emperor Augustus. The Capricorn, his birthsign, was one of their symbols.
Left: the standard of the legion.


Stamp of the Second Legion Augusta found on many of the roof tiles and bricks in the Roman remains Caerleon

Many roof tiles were stamped with the
mark of the legion.


Four Legions took part in the invasion of Britain in AD43. They were:

IInd Augusta
IXth Hispana
XIVth Gemina
XXth Valeria Victrix

This would have been approximately 24 000 men.
They were probably accompanied by an equal number of auxiliaries.

The IInd Augusta were first based in the South West of England, where they attacked hill forts. They built a camp at Exeter - which they named Isca.

They were then sent to Wales to deal with the powerful Silures, this tribe used the difficult terrain to their advantage.

In AD 75 the first barracks were built at Caerleon (also named Isca). The site was chosen as it was about as far inland as the Roman ships could bring supplies.

Troops from Caerleon were posted to many parts of the country. Some were responsible for building sections of Hadrian's Wall.

The Legion left Isca (Caerleon) some time around AD 290. Before they left, they demolished the main buildings.