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The Gwent Local History Council was set up in 1954 to encourage public interest in local history, to bring together societies and persons interested in the study of local history, to arrange lectures and publish the results of historical research. Their twice yearly magazine "Gwent Local History" has made a valuable contribution to the store of historical knowledge. Here Caerleon Net, with the full agreement of the Gwent Local History Council, is making available many of the articles from this magazine relating to Caerleon.
Please note: copyright exists on all texts.
Enquiries relating copyright should be addressed to the Gwent Local History Council.

The Caerleon Industrial School by D. B. Hughes (No. 29, 1970)
Caerleon in Literature by Eija Kennerley (No. 32, 1971)
The Herberts of St. Julians by Eija Kennerley (No. 35, 1973)
St. Julian's House, Newport, A Conservation Study by M. J. and H. B. Waterhouse (No. 37, 1974)
Caerleon Market Hall by Eija Kennerley (No. 37, 1974)
St. Julian's Church, Newport by Mrs. Olive M. Ellis (No. 39, 1975)
Rev. Daniel Jones, M. A. (No. 39, 1975)
The First Two Masters of Caerleon School (No. 39, 1975)
The Jenkins Story by Eija Kennerley (No. 39, 1975)
Fellmongering by Primrose Hockey (No. 39, 1975)
The World We Have Lost by Primrose Hockey (No. 43, 1977)
Charles Williams of Caerleon - Legend or Truth? by Eija Kennerley (No. 44, 1978)
Mediaeval Caerleon by Eija Kennerley (No. 45, 1978)

Caerleon Manor and Mills by Eija Kennerley (No. 45, 1978)
River Trade and Shipping in Caerleon from the 16th to the 19th Century by Eija Kennerley (No. 47, 1979)
Caerleon Mills and Ponthir Tinplate Works by Eija Kennerley (No. 49, 1980)
Saint Cadoc's Church, Caerleon by Eija Kennerley (No. 50, 1981)
Caerleon Park by Eija Kennerley (No. 54, 1983)
The Almshouse, Caerleon by Eija Kennerley (No. 57, 1984)
The Priory, Caerleon by Eija Kennerley (No. 62, 1987)
Capel Zion, Ponthir, Gwent by Eija Kennerley (No. 64, 1988)

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