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Nennius - Historia Brittonum - Britain's 33 Cities

The island of Britain derives its name from Brutus, a Roman consul. Taken from the Southwest point it inclines a little towards the west, and to its northern extremity measures eight hundred miles, and is in breadth two hundred. It contains thirty-three cities, viz.

1. Cair ebrauc (York)
2. Cair ceint (Canterbury)
3. Cair gurcoc (Anglesey?)
4. Cair guorthegern (unknown)
5. Cair custeint (Carnarvon)
6. Cair guoranegon (Worcester)
7. Cair segeint (Silchester)
8. Cair guin truis (Norwich, or Winwick)
9. Cair merdin (Caermarthen)
10. Cair peris (Porchester)
11. Cair lion (Caerleon-upon-Usk)
12. Cair mencipit (Verulam)
13. Cair caratauc (Catterick)
14. Cair ceri (Cirenchester)
15. Cair gloui (Gloucester)
16. Cair luilid (Carlisle)
17. Cair grant (Grantchester, now Cambridge)
18. Cair daun (Doncaster), or Cair dauri (Dorchester)
19. Cair britoc (Bristol)
20. Cair meguaid (Meivod)
21. Cair mauiguid (Manchester)
22. Cair ligion (Chester)
23. Cair guent (Winchester, or Caerwent in Monmouthshire)
24. Cair collon (Colchester, or St. Colon in Cornwall)
25. Cair londein (London)
26. Cair guorcon (Worren, or Woran, in Pembrokeshire)
27. Cair lerion (Leicester)
28. Cair draithou (Drayton)
29. Cair pensavelcoit (Pevensey, in Sussex)
30. Cair teim (Teyn-Grace, in Devonshire)
31. Cair Urnahc (Wroxeter, in Shropshire)
32. Cair celemion (Camalet, in Somersetshire)
33. Cair loit coit (Lincoln)

These are the names of the ancient cities of the island of Britain. It has also a vast many promontories, and castles innumerable, built of brick and stone. Its inhabitants consist of four different people; the Scots, the Picts, the Saxons, and the ancient Britons.