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Roman cavalry tombstone

Reproduction Roman cavalry tombstoneIt is estimated that only about half of the recruits enlisted survived to their retirement.

Pictured right is a reproduction of a cavalry tombstone found in Colchester. These brightly painted stones were often sited by the road side on the way into a town.

The details tell us that the cavalry man was 40 when he died, came from what is now Bulgaria and had served for 15 years. It would have been paid for from the soldier's burial fund.

It is interesting to note that the stone was found in two pieces. The first in the 1920s and the second only some 10 years ago. It has not been repaired as archaeologists consider this to be 'historical damage' - the stone was probably smashed in uprisings against the Roman occupation in AD79 (not surprising considering the way the Celt is depicted).

This reproduction was produced by a member of Legio Secunda Augusta the Leg II Avg re-enactment society. You can visit their Website via our LINKS page.