Seven sculptors were selected for the 2007 event. One artist was commissioned by the 'Friends of Arthur Machen' to produce a work to mark the writers Caerleon roots, the other six were to produce pieces inspired by the River Usk.

The event organisers chose artists whose designs refected different aspects of the River... the bed carved by the flow of the water; the plants reaching for the sunlight and swaying with the currents; the fish; a nymph; and monster!

Also, promised for Friday 13th, was an iron pour. During the festival, pupils from Caerleon's schools visited the site to produce the moulds for this day. Their theme was 'luck, chance, superstition...'  Was this tempting fate just a little too much? Well let's just say the weather on the 13th was spectacularly bad! However the pour did go ahead and was a memorable sight.

All credit to the organisers for another great festival despite the unseasonal weather.

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