Tenby based sculptor and blacksmith,
Mike Davies.

While the wood sculptors were busy in the field, Mike Davies worked with pupils from the three schools in Caerleon to produce moulds for an iron pour.

As the pour was to take place on Friday 13th, superstition was the chosen theme.

During the design stage pupils sketched out their ideas. Mike, Tenby based sculptor and blacksmith, guided pupils with the technical aspects of achieving successful open moulds.

Next, patterns were made with modelling clay and foundry lettering. Moulds were then made with fine sand and bonding agent. These were hardened with a special gas. The final stage of producing the mould involved coating it with a graphite shell to prevent the iron adhering to the surface of the sand.

All that was needed now was some molten iron to pour into the moulds!

Friday the 13th lived up to the weather forecasters' predictions... but the heavy rain did not dampen Mike's determination to see the project through. With the aid of a team from the West Wales School of Art, the furnace was successfully fired up and the molten iron was poured into the nineteen moulds.

Above, the wood sculptors each left their mark...
now which one is Alexander Ivanov?

The project was funded by the Arts Council of Wales and the iron relief sculptures produced will be a lasting reminder of this year's festival.