Sculpture Symposium ~ Caerleon Arts Festival 2004

See how the works
Giorgie Cpajak
Miguel Angel Gualtieri
Ed Harrison
Dave Johnson
Giles Kent
Juan Carlos Mercurio
John Merrill
Christine Kowal Post
Andrej Ryshov
Kamen Tanev
Michele Valenza


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The sturdy nature of Welsh oak was celebrated at this year’s second Festival, with
the help of an impressive cast of international sculptors. Two Argentines, a Sicilian,
a Bulgarian, a Yugoslav living in Italy and five Britons - including two with Welsh
credentials - created wooden sculptures with a Romano-Celtic theme to be added to Caerleon’s growing Sculpture Trail. Andrej Rhyshov from St Petersburg joined the
line-up, and aided by Corus he worked in steel.

Slide show / movie with music by Beyond The Bars