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Description of Two World War II Bomb Shelters

in the Gardens of 31 and 32 Goldcroft Common,
Caerleon. (OS 3380 9085 approx)

© Copyright Bob Trett October 2014

Interiors of the WW2 bomb shelters at the rear of 31 and 32 Goldcroft Common, Caerleon.
Interiors of the shelters with vaulted roofs

These are brick vaulted and abut the end garden wall of the properties.  They are attached to each other by the rear wall of both shelters and are the mirror image of each other. (See plan below.) The brick construction is made of red Star Brick Works bricks with a flat concrete roof over both shelters.  The shelter at No. 31 Goldcroft Common is the more overgrown and incomplete of the two but still acts as a garden store.  No. 32 is more complete but is disused.

The shelters are half buried below ground surface.  Access is via five steps turning at a right angle into a doorway. (No doors now survive).

Note.  The bunkers appear to be World War II in date and similar in construction to part of the Coed y Caerau Auxillary Unit Operational Base PRN : 09433g -  but with no corrugated sheets used in the Goldcroft Common bunkers. (For info and photos of the Coed y Caerau Auxillary Unit Operational Base follow this external link.)

From 1934 to 1945, 31 Goldcroft Common was the home of and owned by Alfred J Moore, fried fish and chips merchant. Number 32 was occupied by Mr Albert Cooper, motor driver, and later Reginald Langmead, clerk.

31 and 32 Goldcroft Common and the location of the WW2 bomb shelters
marked on a section of a 1936 OS map of Caerleon.