Saint Cadoc's Hospital Christmas Party 1949/50
This photo comes from Glenys Squires (nee Shierson) in Toronto. She passed it on to her sister Val Easson in Montreal who teamed up with Doug Burnell Higgs to 'put a name to the faces.' Doug enlisted help from friends and the grand collaboration via Internet/emails has resulted in a list of names. The 'team' are the first to say there are probably some inaccuracies - so maybe YOU can help with identification…

If you can correct any names, or fill in any of the missing ones, please email us.

The party was for the children of staff members at the hospital. As Val pointed out: "St. Cadoc's Hospital played a large part in the life of Caerleonites and almost everyone knew someone who worked there."

1 Lyndon Pugh
2 Francis Pitt
3 Marion Raines
4 Richard Jones
5 Alan Crowden
6 Derek Gear
7 Grosvenor Hussey
9 Royston Hussey
10 Valerie Shierson
11 Francis Rawlings
12 Colin Jones
13 Andrew Jones
14 Geraldine Collins
15 Ted Harry
16 Kathleen Collins
17 Cynthia Jones (Home Farm)
18 Pam King
19 Val King
20 Jenny Harry
21 Kitty James
22 Audrey Giddings
23 Maureen Collins
24 Glenys Shierson
25 Jeremy Knight
26 Margaret Nelmes
27 Val Jones
28 Jeanette Pope
29 Ann Wooton
30 Dr.King
31 Iris Jones
32 Tegwyn Pugh
33 Keith Hussey
34 Raymond Raines
35 Phillip Rollings
36 Kenneth Williams
37 Raymond Giddings
38 Ted Gear
39 Doreen Pritchard
40 John White
41 Thelma Rowlands
43 Bob Williams (?)

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