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Child's Sampler 1860
"E Morgan's work in the 10th Year of her age Caerleon May 21 1860"
Cross Stitch Needlepoint Embroidery sampler in silk and wool on linen.

Notice the letters and numbers "E.M 3", "E.M.E 7" and "S.M 8", these are probably
the initials and ages of "E. Morgan's" brothers and sisters - however our trawl through the 1861 census has failed to find a likely match.

Nor have we been able to find a match for "S. Lewis" in the 1841 census who was 13 years of age in 1841 (possibly 1845). She stitched the embroidery below which included the following somber verse:

The Judgement day

Oh WHAT a weighty solemn thought
That soon the day will come
When before God I must be brought
To hear my final doom
Lord make me holy by thy grace
Accept me through thy Son
That I at last may find a place
Around thy heavenly throne

The church is labelled "Stow Church".


Child's Sampler 1841 (may be 1845)
"S. LEWIS her work in the 13th Year of her age Caerleon April 20th 1841"

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