Concert for Brades Employees - early 1950s?
Caerleon Net

Can you help with this picture? We think is connected with the Brades in some way and that it is in the town hall or possibly the Kings Head. It appears to be the early 1950s. We do have a few names, but it would be good to have these verified and any other faces identified.

Front row: 4th from left **** Senior (manager at Brades)

Second row: Left David Teague, Johnny Clarke (with hat on), Billy Morgan, Clifford Blythe (leaning forward), ?, ?

Third row: Jim Blythe in middle leaning forward

Fourth row: 4th from left Tim Wood, Olive Wood, Maureen Carver and Keith Wood.

Fifth Row: Mrs Rice, Mrs Thomas, Albert Thomas, Hubert Davies, ? , ?

Nearly all the audience seem to be watching something on the stage. The young lady third from the left in the front row, though, has seen the photographer.

Were you there? Do you remember what was going on? Do you recognise anyone?

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