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Caerleon - 1752
- drawn from -
"A plan of the lands belonging to the Right Honourable the Earl of Powis in the manor of
Liswerry and Libennith in the parishes of Christchurch, Caerleon, Llanvrechea, etc."
by Thomas Thorpe, 1752

Plan of Caerleon, 1752

The plan has been redrawn from the original, parts of which are unfortunately so damaged that important details have been lost. Where this is the case (for example the quay adjacent to the bridge) no attempt has been made to guess the original content. The only changes to be made are the omission of tennants' names and the removal of marks and stains. To see a small image of the original follow this link: original map.
This is a truly amazing plan and we are most indebted to Bob Trett who drew our attention to its existence. It predates the plan drawn from surveys by Thomas Morris, land surveyor of Cardiff, for Coxe's 'Historical Tour in Monmouthshire' by almost fifty years. It is remarkably detailed and close examination suggests several interesting lines of enquiry.

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