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Caerleon Boys Group V

We don't know the exact year this photo was taken - but it was obviously taken within a few minutes of the picture below. Notice the writing on the chalk board naming the group is exactly the same as the one below save for the 'I' after the 'V' for Group 6.
We think the photos date from around 1920. The teacher with group V is believed to be Mr W. G. Lovett who later became headmaster of the school.

Caerleon Boys Group VI

It is thought that the boy on the left in the back row, next to the teacher, is Bill Stamp and the sixth boy in that row (third from the right) is John Stamp.

You may like to compare these photos with 'Group II' on page 40 of Norman Stevens' book CAERLEON Scenes Recalled which would appear to have been taken the same day too. (Though Norman dates his photo to the early 1940s.)