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- Picture of the Month 327 -
The Caeryder Oak - The Ryder Field Oak Tree - Llanhennock
The Caeryder Oak or Ryder Field Oak tree 1838
Above: The Caeryder Oak provides a canopy for the Coronation of Queen Victoria Celebrations 1838

Below: The Caeryder Oak today

The Ryder Field Oak Tree Lannhennock Caerleon overlooking the 2010 Ryder Cup Golf Course

Under the Caeryder Oak Lanhenoch Monmouthshire
from a painting by HF Worsley

It's quite a coincidence that the Caeryder Oak - the Ryder Field Oak Tree - overlooks the 2010 Ryder Cup Golf Course. For more information about this ancient tree please follow this link.

For a panoramic display of the Ryder Cup Golf Course click here.

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