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International Cross Country
Championships, Caerleon 1951

These pictures were kindly sent to us by Harold Ogden. The one above featured on the front cover of Athletics Weekly, April 14th 1951. The one below was from the same journal.

Caerleon Racecourse was the venue for the Annual International Cross Country Championships in 1906, 1911, 1921, 1933 and 1951.

Left to right in the photo above are: Frank Aaron, Geoff Saunders (at back) and Walter Hesketh.

Twenty two year old Geoff Saunders (England) went on to win the race with Frank Aaron (England) second, Charles Cérou (France) third and Walter Hesketh (England) fourth. The English team won the event by a narrower margin than the first four places would suggest - they scored 47 points while France came second with 54 points. The Welsh team with 299 points came 8th (out of 8) behind Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Scotland and the Netherlands.

Geoff Saunders leading Dr Frank Aaron at 3¾miles

Front cover of the race souvenir programme