Old School Photo 4 - Caerleon, around 1930

The year 1929 was written in pencil on the back of this photo, though in Norman Steven's first book he dates it as 1931. He also identifies the girl, at the front right, as Vera Waggett.
Julian Batt (who emigrated to New Zealand in 1960) emailed us to say that his father, Leslie Batt, is on this photo. Leslie is in the second row, second from the right, with his finger in his mouth. Leslie was born in July 1926, so 1931 looks a more likely date for the photo. Julian said that his father believes that the boy to his right, on the same desk, is Russell Woods; the boy behind with his arms folded is surname Phillips, possibly Peter; and the girl in the back row, far right, is Lettys Gabriel whose father was a professor of history at the college.
Please contact us if you can supply any further information about this photograph.

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