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John Sherwood Brewery Caerleon - Stone Bottle

Stone Bottle & Jar
John Sherwood Brewery,


Like so many of the old inns in Caerleon, the Hanbury once brewed its own ales. In fact the Hanbury Bewery produced more than enough for the Hanbury Arms. Its ales were advertised widely. Prices at the start of the 1900s ranged from 6d (2½p) to 1s 4d (7p) a gallon depending on the strength of the brew.
In 1910, the Hanbury Arms merged with the Eastern Valley Brewery Company Ltd, but was still run by the previous landlord, John Sherwood.

Left: Stone Bottle, John Sherwood Brewery, Caerleon

Below left: Stone jar, John Sherwood Brewery, Caerleon.
Photo courtesy of Norman Stevens.

Below: The Hanbury Brewery. We are looking down High Street, the Hanbury Arms is to the right of picture and the river bank opposite is just visible between the buildings.

Stone Jar from the Hanbury Brewery Caerleon
The Hanbury Brewery, Caerleon
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