Here we see some of the men (and one woman) involved in the excavation of Caerleon's Roman Amphitheatre.

In the picture (taken in 1927):
Standing (left to right): George Wollan, EdgarAdams (sen), Edwin Batt, __, John Hayward, Alec Gill, Ernest Hayward, Bert Kembry, Mr Williams, Jack Marsh, Mrs Tessa Wheeler, __ Adams, Mr Bowen, (Bill Nash?) , ( __ Richardson?), Dick Stewart, Bob Richardson
Sitting: Bill Marsh, B Taylor, B Davies, __ Neale, __ ?, Cecil Davies, V. E. Nash-Williams, __ Brown.

Mrs Tessa Wheeler was head of the dig at the time the photo was taken, though her husband Dr. R E Mortimer Wheeler, who started the work in 1926, is more usually associated with the excavations.

The young man sitting on the right of the front row is Cecil Davies. At the time, his parents who lived in Tanhouse Farm rented the fields around the Broadway. He clearly remembers working on the site 75 years ago!

Altogether, 30 000 tons of soil was removed from the excavation site to reveal the amphitheatre as we find it today. You can see more photos and read about the history of the excavations by following this link. Photos of excavation of the amphitheatre and barracks.