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Huxtable Brothers' Postcard Views

Alice Dunkirque - Capsized sailing boat on the gridiron near Newport Bridge
A Trip On The River Usk PS Albion
A Trip Up The River Usk By SS Albion 1909 - Passing the Hanbury Arms, Caerleon
All Saints Church And Vicarage - 6 Toddlers Playing
Alteryn Npt Mon - No Shed
Alteryn Npt Mon - Triangle Shed Right Front
Backhall St Caerleon - Looking towards the London Inn
Backhall St Caerleon - Lookings towards Mill Street
Barnums Procession - Many Horses
Belle Vue Park - 5 Children & Baby In Pram
Belle Vue Park- Npt Mon - Man Standing By Railings
Belle Vue Park Pavillion - Long Shot
Bridge Street Newport Mon - To-Night Sign Teeth Right
Bridge Street - Corner Of Caxton Place
Bridge - Paddler At Pontoon
Broadwalk, Caerleon
Caerleon Church - Woman & Pram
Caerleon College - Side View
Caerleon College - Main Entrance & Tower
Caerleon From Christchurch - Field In Foreground
Caerleon From Christchurch - Hanbury Reflected
Caerleon From Christchurch - Position Of Boats
Caerleon From Christchurch - Position Of Boats
Caerleon From Christchurch - Position Of Boats
Caerleon From Christchurch - Position Of Boats
Caerleon From St Julians - No Sailing Boat
Caerleon From St Julians - Sailing Boat
Caerleon Goldcroft Common - Ivy Covered House On Right
Caerleon Mon - Small Boat
Caerleon Road Newport Mon - Man Carrying Basket On Head
Caerleon The Museum - Lady & Gent In Front Man On Bike
Caerleon Village - Children In Street
Canal At Alteryn - Woman Carrying Baby On Towpath Left
Canal From Alteryn - Black Ash Path
Canal Looking Towards Ridgeway - Bottom Of 14 Locks
Chepstow Road Newport Mon - T30, Lady With Large Hat
Chepstow Road Nr Cenotaph - Horse & Cart-Boy Skipping-T35
Chepstow Road Newport Mon - Man On Bike
Church Road Newport Mon - Many Blinds Left-Girl White Smock
Clarence Place Newport Mon - Turog Bread- 2 Bikes
Commercial Street Crowded - Looking Up To Town Hall, Lady Crossing Road
Corporation Road Npt - Boy With Bike Centre
Cross Street Caerleon Mon
Endowed School Caerleon
Glen Usk (The House near Llanhennock)
Goldcroft Common Caerleon - Tree in Centre
Goldcroft Common Caerleon Mon - Children by Drinking Water Pump
High Street Caerleon - Girl With Doll, Car reg. DW 750
High Street Newport - Man/Bike/White Coat/ Shaftesbury Cafe
High Street Newport Mon - Phil R Davies
High St Looking Down From Station - Man In Motor Car 1914
High St Looking Towards Savoy Hotel - Boy Running To Right
HRH Prince Of Wales Visit To Newport - June 6th 1907 With Lord Tredegar
Last Of The Old Stone Bridge East St Npt - Jan 12th 1908
Little Switzerland & Canal - From Fourteen Locks
Lodge Road, Caerleon - Woman and Pram
Lodge Road, Caerleon - No Woman with Pram
Mental Hospital- Caerleon Mon - Smoking Stack
Multiview 6 Views
Multiview 9 Views - Mainly Caerleon
New Corn Exchange - Crowded With People
Newport Bridge & Castle - Rocks Right Front
Newport Bridge & Paddle Steamers
Newport Post Office & Corn Exchange - 3 O'clock- Man White Coat Centre
Newport Rowing Club S S Britania 8th July 1908 - Full View Right To Left
Old Roman Arch & Priory, Round Table Field - Cow Behind Gate
Opening Of New Lock- Alexandra Dock - The Liberty
Opening Of New Post Office By The Rt Hon S C Buxton Mp On July 18th 1907
Opening Of The New Lock Alexander Dock - 1914 Liberty Rowing Boat With Flags
Prince Of Wales Visit 1905 - Station Approach/High Street
Reservoirs & Canal -Little Switzerland - Footpath
River Usk & Bridge Npt Mon - Road & Rail Bridges-2 Trams No Train
River Usk & Bridge Caerleon Mon
River Usk & Caerleon Bridge
Rugby Match Lineout Athletic Grounds
Rugby Match Newport V Leicester 1904
Savoy - Post Office-Corn Exchange - Pony & Trap , Horse & Cart
Savoy & Post Office - Scaffolding
Savoy - Post Office-Corn Exchange - Motor Car DW 215
Shaftsbury Park-Yachting Pond
Ship Hotel, Old Toll House & Christchurch
Skating On Alteryn Newport Jan 11th 1908 - Ladies With Hats Watching
SS Albion - Downstream St Woolos
SS Albion Leaving Landing Stage Newport - Maximum Speed 6 Knots
SS Glen Avon Transporter Npt Mon - Text SS Glen Avon With Flag
SS Glen Avon Sailing To Right - 6 Boys On River Bank
SS Glen Usk-Transporter Npt - Glen Usk Under Bridge
Station Road Caerleon
St Cadocs Church - Lady With Baby Carriage + 2 Other Ladies
St Johns Maindee
St Julians & River Usk Npt Mon - Sailing Boat On River
St Pauls Church - Interior
St Pauls - Outside From Wrenford Hall
Stow Church - Tower-Horse & Cart
Stow Church Stow Hill Newport - Horse & Cart Left. Overhead Lines
Stow Hill Newport - 2 Mens Backs Right
Technical College - Policeman
The Bridges Newport Mon - No Train-One Tram
The Bridges Newport Mon - Tide Out Engine In Steam One Tram On Bridge
The Bridges Newport Mon - Tide Out No Engine Three Trams On Bridge
The College Caerleon - Group At Front Door
The College Caerleon - Rough Field Front
The Endowed Schools Caerleon
The SS Glen Avon Npt Mon - Aerial View Berthed By Technical College
Transporter Npt Sept 1906 - Paddlesteamer Moving Right Albion
Transporter Npt View Of Car From Top - Very High View Looking Towards Park
Transporter Npt View Of Car - Many People-Bike Wheel Centre
Transporter - High View Of Pill Boat At Wharf
Transporter - Long Shot-Part Built
Transporter - View West To Pill & Gear
Transporter Under Construction From St Woolos
Tredegar Park The Avenue - 2 Men Posing
Tredegar Park - Showing Herd Of Deer Grazing
Tredegar Park - Showing Herd Of Deer Grazing
View Of Bridge Street Npt Mon - W C & Lyceum
View Of Caerleon & River Usk - Picket Fence & Cover
View Of Commercial Street Newport Mon - Part Tram Right-Man On Bike
View Of Commercial Street Newport Mon - Part Flag High, Han....?
View Of Docks From Transporter Bridge - 4 Coal Hosts In Background
View Of High Street - Car Left- Butter Creams Right
Wentwood Reservoir-Valve Tower & Dam - Valve Tower Left. 2 Off
Westgate-Town Hall - Tram 11 People

Many thanks to Derek Warry, Derekcards, for his list. Other titles added by Caerleon Net.

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