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- Picture of the Month 331 -
Tower At Carleon, Monmouth
Print - Source Not Known - 1803
Tower at Carleon Monmouth 1803 - Caerleon Net Picture of the Month

A print we'd not seen before. It shows the old tower that guarded the 'Ultra Pontem' end of the old wooden bridge and a tantalising glimpse of the bridge.

The wooden bridge only lasted a few more years being replaced by the present stone bridge around 1808. The tower, however, survived for nearly 130 years until its destruction in 1929 - an act of "vandalism and ignorance" (Guide to Caerlleon-on-Usk, 1930, W A Morris ).

For more information about the tower and other views of it please follow this link.

Surely there must be photographs of the tower. If you know of any please contact us via the form below.

We would like to know which publication the print is taken from. As can be seen at the top of the print, it is from Vol III and is Pl XX. We were also given this information: Artist: A.C., Engraver: A.W., Date: November 22nd 1803. Can you help?


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