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To the right of the picture is Cambria House, demolished in 1982. The cottage next door was the residence of the master of the Industrial School situated in Cambria House. At one time this was Mr Gilbert Harding, grandfather of the TV celebrity of the same name. Of interest here, though, is the covered walkway from the cottage to Cambria House. It is thought that the cottage and walkway were demolished around 1953. Has anyone out there got a photo of this unusual structure? Does anyone know why it was built? (We have had a reply - see below.)

Caerleon resident, Mrs Lynne Daniels kindly sent us this picture. Her father, Doug Glass was an ambulance driver based in Cambria House in the early fifties. He later rose through the ranks becoming Ambulance Officer, Control Officer and retiring as Training Officer for the then Gwent Ambulance Service.

The sketch was made by Bill Davies of Kemys View, Usk Road, Caerleon. He worked in the 'control room' at Cambria House. This was a semi circular room at the very top of the building, up many stairs, known as 'the turret'. The picture was drawn on the back of a piece of lined notepaper which has become very fragile with age. We are fortunate it has survived, providing us with this most unusual view of Caerleon.

We have been contacted by a local resident who remembers the walkway.  He told us:

 At the time between 1947 & 1954 Cambria House was a multi- department facility consisting  of the Headquarters of the Ambulance Service, the Headquarters of the Social Services as well as other adminstrative departments.

 The walk way between Cambria House & the Headmaster's residence was known as 'The Tunnel'. The reason for this was that when you walked through the corridor it resembled walking through a railway tunnel.

 The room  beyond the  corridor  was in the Headmaster's residence. It was an administrative office with 2 women secretaries surrounded by files & paperwork. I was sent there many times because  I was asked to  deliver paperwork & messages from Vale View House by  Margaret & Clifford Base.

 Vale View House  was always closely  connected  to the Department of Social Services at Cambria House.

We were dellighted to hear this as we were begining to think the walkway hadn't really existed... Now for the icing on the cake... has anyone got a photo of it?
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