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Back row: F. Young, J. Taylor, H. Wallace, R. Hartland, Alf. Bolton
Second row: J. Underwood, F. Rickard, C. Babbage, F. Paddimore, A. Bolton, H. Pearce, J. D. Williams
Front Row: C. Bennett, R. Britton

This picture comes from an old postcard. The text on the reverse was written by 'Fred' from the Priory Lodge, Caerleon, October 25th 1910. The message is a bit strange:

"Arrived home alright about quarter to eleven. Can you recognise my two brothers on the other side? I hope you can. I can't. Perhaps Amy knows which is Alf. Love to all. Fred."

So the writer must have been Fred Bolton and the confusion may have arisen because there is one more person on the photo than those named. Maybe Alf's not in the picture… maybe neither of the Boltons are in the picture..
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