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Caerleon ATC At RAF Gaydon 1961

Steve Wilmot sent us this photo and information.

Back row l to r :- Cadets: Ken Baker; Michael Gibbens; Chris Pember; Michael Pigott; Flt. Lt. Edmunds; Fg. Officer Ivor Phillips; Plt. Officer Evans; Fg. Officer C. Whitcombe; Plt. Officer D. Hatton; Cadet Geoffrey Bowditch.

Front row l to r :- Cadets: Brian Richards; Trevor Ibbotson; Malcolm Walters; Peter Woods; David Hovell; Cpl. Steve Wilmot; Sgt. Les Porter.

Flt. Lt. Edmunds and Plt. Officer Hatton were regular RAF officers stationed at RAF Gaydon.
Fg. Officers Phillips and Whitcombe and Plt. Officer Evans were officers of the RAFVR(T) and instructors on No. 1367 Squadron ATC.

Photograph taken at RAF Gaydon on 14 August 1961


Steve Wilmot wrote:

" The first Air Training Corps Squadron in Caerleon was formed during the Second World War, when many of the cadets were students at the 'Monmouthshire Training College'.
After the war's end, however, interest waned and in the early 1950's the unit was disbanded.
Some years later, No. 1367 (Usk) Squadron decided to try and rekindle interest by forming a detached Flight in Caerleon. Meetings were held in a wooden hut at the side of the Usk road, near Curle's garage.
When the first meeting was held, on 29 April 1959, there were just three persons present, two instructors and one cadet - me!
However, the word soon got around and before long there was a thriving unit in Caerleon.
Initially, Summer Camps were held jointly with the Usk cadets and we wore a red backing to our cap badges to show that we were the Caerleon Flight.
I believe that the Summer Camp to RAF Gaydon, in August 1961, was the first 'all Caerleon' camp!
I note that the Squadron title is now , No. 1367 (Caerleon) Squadron, and so I presume that the level of interest in Usk declined during the years that followed."