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The Hanbury Arms and Remains of Constable’s Tower
by David Hughes

The Hanbury Arms and remains of Constable’s Tower Caerleon by David Hughes. Copyright David Hughes.


An excellent reconstruction of a scene in Caerleon, pre 1800, described by the artist thus:

"The Hanbury Arms and the remains of Constable’s Tower with an impression of the erstwhile tramroad which reached the Usk at a quay just south of the present road bridge."

This is one of a number of detailed line prints featuring time-honoured locations in Monmouthshire and surrounds by David Hughes.

Here we have the only picture I have seen depicting the tramroad in operation in Caerleon. Notice that the trams were loaded and unloaded at the Hanbury Wharf just downriver of the old wooden bridge. The tramroad was later extended so that it terminated south of the new bridge which was built in the early 1800s

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Here are a few more views of Caerleon by David Hughes:


The Square Caerleon including the Bull Inn, Post Office and Priory. Copyright David Hughes.

The Roman Catholic Church High Street Caerleon. Copyright David Hughes.

University of Wales Newport, Caerleon Campus. Copyright David Hughes.

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