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Class 2 Caerleon Endowed School 1943

Caerleon Endowed School
Class 2, 1943

This week's photo was kindly sent to us by Doug Burnell Higgs. Doug's sister, Val (later Val Burnell Jones, now sadly deceased) was 5 years of age when the picture was taken and is on the extreme right of the back row. Doug thinks that the girl holding up the card with the number two on it may be Iris Turner.

We have heard from Yvonne Cartwright (nee Richards) who is able to put a name to the following:

"Back row left to right - Miss Talmarsh (excuse spelling) Cathleen Collins, Joan Wollan?  Stephanie Edwards - boy next to Val could be Brian Kilvington.
Middle row - 3rd from right Terry Parry? Sylvia Crossman
Front Row - ?Chantler, Grov.Hussey, Tommy Nash, Tony Anstee, Iris Tanner (nee Jones), Olive Kembrey.
Not sure about this but hope that someone else can confirm."

Could the teacher be Miss Talmage who died tragically some years later? We would be interested to hear from anyone who knows when Miss Talmage died so we can investigate what happened through the contemporary newspaper reports.

If you can identify any other class members (born around 1938) please email us - see link below.

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