St Cadoc's Hospital Staff Dance 1952 or 53

Maureen Moore (nee Chick) kindly sent us this photo.
She says:
"The picture of the hospital staff dance is about 1952 or 3. I don't recognise many of the people, but the faces are familiar. On the left in the second row up is Ivor Davies, the vicar, and the couple in the middle are Dr and Mrs King, the medical superintendant and his wife. Right in the middle, almost at the back is a lady with three roses on her frontage, that's my mother, Elsie Chick. To the right of her, with a white top, is Sister Molly George and next but one to her is a fellow with a cheesy grin and a shiny forehead, my father James Chick who was chief engineer. On the end of that row, fourth and sixth from the right side are two tall fellows with a girl in between them. They are Glyn Nelmes (sixth from the right) and (?)Keith Pritchard. I'm sure you'll be able to pick up some more on that, half the 1950s population of Caerleon seem to be there."
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