Caerleon pupils at the Houses of Parliament 1955
Valerie Eason (nee Shierson) kindly sent us this week's photo. She wrote:

"This was a picture taken when I was in the last year of Junior School (1955) and we all used to go on a school trip to the Houses of Parliament. When we were there we saw the most unlikely combination of Bessie Braddock giving a guided tour to Marlene Deitreich!!!"

Front Row:
John Harris; Winford Bellin; ?; Yvonne Richards; Gillian Vaulkhard; Geraldine Collins; Valerie Shierson; Janice Vickery; Sylvia Clarke; ? ; ?; Wendy Sparkes; Veronica (Nonnie) Evans.

Back Row:
Leslie Barnes ;? ; Francis (Wiggy) Pitt; Georgie Gravestone; Ann Lewis; ? ; Julia Pattimore; Maureen Chick; John Robertshaw; Robert Vincent; Ann Saunders; Mary Campion; Sandra Johnson *; Michael McClure; Tony Bennett; Trevor ...........; Keith (Cobba) Edwards.
* Sadly, deceased

John Robertshaw (back row) has contacted us saying he would like to trace a long lost friend, Paul Wachorne, who lived near him in Langstone. If anyone can help please email John.

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