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Glass medallions in the Priory Hotel, believed to date from the sixteenth century or even earlier.

Priory Hotel website


Two of the verses under the emperors do not match the images; it is clear that the pictures of Vespasian and Claudius are missing and seems likely that originally there would have been 12 emperors.

According to some, these emperors all visited Britain...

The verses are interesting not only for the information they contain but also the spelling and grammar:


By civill warrs unto the Empyre came
Bold Caesar, fortunes darlinge great in fame
The Roman Egle to the Kinges of France
And unto Englands Kingdome did advance
But when in greateness he grew on amaine
In senat house by Traytors he was slaine


To all the world, the Olive Branch of Peace
Augustus gained, by wch all warrs did cease
And Janus temple shut in all his dayes
Did much redound to his Immortall praise
Marc Antonie an Cleopatra Queen
Of Aegypte both, by him have conquerd been


A privat life whilst in Augustus dayes
Tiberius ledd, of all men wan the Bayes
And to the top of virtue he did clyme
In Rome, even all his father Drufus tyme
But when as once the Scepter he did hold
Of Mighty Rome, to vice himself he sold


Thow neither God, nor man, but Monster art
Whilst thou in life, soe vilely Act's thy part
Instead of Spoyles and Triumphe brought to land
Thou gather'ds Shells of fishes on the sand
And whilst in Bedd of Gold, thou hast bin tost
Thy Fame, thy life and all that's best was lost

? With Nero Picture 6

The office of a soldiour once but sought
Unto the Roman Empyre though wert brought
And the bloud in battails wch was spent
In River Tyber, thou did'st represent
But when in Empyre long, thou sough'ts to stay
Thy life did Agrippina take away


From Noble birth did Caeser Galba spring
From others, Fame, not from himselfe did bring
If he great honors never had obtaind
Scorne & despite, by Baldnnesse had not gainde
Nor yet triumphing Foes such pranks had plaid
If in a lower state had Galba staid


To sacrifice at the Altar as he came
He thinks of bloud, and strives to Act the same
Lasciuious was this Otho all his raigne
By Cruelty and bloud, he nought did gaine
But as by death, soe by his life was try'd
By his owne hands this Caeser Otho dy'd


When over Otho's men the Fighte he'd gainde
Then oer Italia nigh a yeare he raigned
Idle and gluttonusse his dayes he spente
On pleasure, not on Conquest he was bente
Not thus could he the Empyres shores defend
By treacherie oercome he met his ende

? With Titus picture 11

When Rome wth sword & famine was opprest
This Caesar came to bringe them joy & rest
The father of his cuntrey he was named
For piety & virtue both enfamde
Great honors to his cittey this man gave
For wth a tombe he had & peacefull grave

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